Empathy Leaning

Empathy Leaning

Dad on the bus lowers his head

To be closer to little Florence

Who is reading, out loud, the pictures in her book

Outside the school gate, 4 p.m.

Side by side, shoulder touching shoulder,

Teenage schoolboys study the same screen

Teacher bends from the waist to bring her ear closer

As little Mari softly voices the fear

That no-one likes her.


Dancer D takes my weight, I take hers

We each pause for a while, simultaneously,

This need to rest may be hers, or it may be mine

Wobbly Wendy in first her free headstand

Yoga Paddy standing close enough

for her to sense that he is there


I will not let your voice go unheard,

Nor let you go through this alone.

I will not let you fall.


(Inspired by @itsthelab The Lab #14)

(Images: 2 of my best “empathy leaning” buddies…)