3 things that you should do in an earthquake.

by kayscorah

The 3 things that you should do in an earthquake (as recommended by Gerri Husband, the Director of Field Services for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security) are in bold below. As always, the Department and I are in complete agreement.

Most earthquakes last between 10 and 30 seconds. Did you know that in the average, ill-prepared home it can take several minutes for the occupants to even find a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and a glass, much less open the wine and pour it?

Therefore, if you live in an earthquake zone, or anywhere in the world that might be an earthquake zone one day, or anywhere where an earthquake elsewhere in the world might be reported on TV, our advice is to keep a screwtop bottle of wine and a glass under a table or desk in every room in the house.

At the first sign of a *tremor, drop to the ground under the desk. Calmly and rapidly unscrew the cap, pour a glass and drink.

Keep a firm hold on the bottle, so that if you do get shaken out from under your cover, at least you will still have it with you.

(*While it’s true that the tremor MIGHT have been caused by your teenage daughter slamming her bedroom door again, it’s much more likely to be an earthquake. In the same way that, while the 86-year-old Yorkshireman who triggers the metal detector at the airport MIGHT, as he claims, have a metal plate in his shoulder, it’s much more likely that he is indeed carrying a tiny lethal weapon in the shoulder of his sweater. I’m sure that the Department of Homeland Stupidity would agree with me on this one, too.)IMG_1650