8 Things you should always apologise for in a relationship.

by kayscorah

It seems fitting on this St Valentines day to bring your attention to this wearisome stream of badly-written, irresponsible balderdash.

Note that the author suggests that you apologise for sins such as “starting fights” and “losing your cool”, rather than desist from them, thus suggesting that it’s perfectly fine to continue to start fights and lose your cool as long as you mutter “I’m sorry” at some stage. Perhaps accompanied by the words, “officer” or “your Honour”

Here are 8 things that you really should apologise for when you’re in a relationship:

  1. Finishing the milk and then putting the empty carton back in the fridge.
  2. Even worse, almost finishing the milk and putting the almost empty carton back in the fridge.
  3. Leaving the kids in the pub.. .
  4. . . and phoning the landlord to offer him £20 to send them home with one of the barstaff. (Thanks, Matt, I owe you one).
  5. Farting and blaming the dog. Apologise to your partner as well as the dog. Unless of course you don’t have a dog. In which case; Worst Excuse Ever.
  6. Failing to notify the Toilet Paper Replacement Fairy of an imminent shortage of toilet paper. Or placing the last roll of toilet paper in the fridge. (see: 10 Things You Should Not Refrigerate)
  7. Selling the family home and moving to the Seychelles with a circus clown.
  8. Being on the board of directors of HSBC