X things you must y about z. A beginner’s guide. AND “1 thing…….”

by kayscorah

I gather than some of you are confused. Let me explain.
On Jan 1st we placed the numbers 1 to 14 in a hat. A real hat. The Bowler Hat of Uncertainty.
Into a well-known search engine I typed “1 thing” “2 things” and so on, all the way to 14.
I wrote the top 7 results for each number on separate pieces of paper.
Every day we (The Frog, The Bison and I) draw a number from the Bowler Hat of Uncertainty, then we place the top 7 results for that number into the Stetson of Surreality and draw a subject at random from that.
It really is random. In so many ways. On Friday we drew the number 1.
1 thing
1 thing you should know when moving to cloud deployment.

Before moving to cloud deployment, you should definitely know what cloud deployment is.

I do not.